Monday, March 9, 2009

We've seen some really neat places, but this temple was HUGE!!! WOW! In the first picture you can see how tall the column is. I was laying down on the ground to take this one. In the second one is my new friend, Myrtle the Turkish Turtle. He really wanted some food to eat, but Kelly said we needed to get going, so I said goodbye to Myrtle.

Andrea took a picture with me on a fallen column on the North West corner of the temple.

Then the group asked me to take a picture of everyone on the steps. They said it reminded them of their lecture hall back at school. I think they called it B-19.

The last picture is of Krista and me. Krista gave a wonderful talk about this temple dedicated to Apollo. There are only two bigger than this one - and we get to see one of them later this week. Krista was really happy when she finished her talk - I think she was a little scared to talk to so many people, but she did a real good job.

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