Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This was our first stop today, and ti was really windy - I thought I was going to lose all my tail feathers! When we got there we saw it rained so much that everything was under water, but the water didn't stop us! Nope, we went as far as we could to see this place. They say people came to this place to get a fortune told, but they call it an oracle. (It rhymes with popsicle) It's not quite as big as the one Krista showed us yesterday, but it sure looked pretty big to me.

My friend, Jennifer, is standing next to one of the big statues. That statue's name is Artemis. She looks like she's three grown-ups tall! I heard from someone else in the group that the Greek gods were always made to look bigger than people. When people saw these statues they would know that this was a special place... just like when I go to church and see the cross up front.

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