Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terrace Houses

Merhaba everyone. (That means hello) Yesterday we went to the the Terrace Houses in Ephesus. Our very special guest was Hilke Thür, from Germany. (You can see a picture of us outseide the houses in the 4th picture. She has been working on these house for a very long time - Longer than I've been alive!

We got a special "backstage tour." We got to go into special places where other tourists couldn't go, but we were doing work while looking.

It was dusty, and some people had to overcome a fear of heights. I'm so proud of them for overcoming their fear. The rain stayed away until we were done with our tour.

I have one more day of information I need to post, but we leave for the airport really early in the morning. I'll try to get it done, but it might be later in the week since we fly for a very, very long time. I hope you understand.


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