Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paul and Thecla

Our last stop of the day was the Cave of Paul and Thecla. It was a really long way up a mountain. My legs got tired, so I got a piggy-back on Elizabeth's shoulders. She was real nice about helping me.

Professor Knust told us the story of Thecla. It was a real good story with fire, lions, wild animals and eels. Thecla really wanted to follow Paul and learn from him. She didn't take no for an answer, which got her into trouble quite a bit.
The first picture is me at the cave, and the second picture is looking down at Ephesus from the cave. The third picture is of Andrea and me with the picture (called a fresco) inside the cave. Then there's a picture of Paul and Thecla's mom. (The picture of Thecla is only half there. I don't know where the other part is.)

The last picture is us coming out of the cave. It was very dark in there. I got a little scared when I couldn't see my feathers in front of my eyes, but Kelly and Andrea stayed near by and didn't leave me. I was so glad I didn't get too scared because I would have missed out on this. It's nice to have people I can trust to help me when I get scared. I hope you have people like that too. Who are the people you talk to when you get scared?

I'm not real sure what we're doing tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be fun. Kelly needs to use the computer now, so I have to go. See you tomorrow - I hope you have a good day and night!


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