Saturday, March 7, 2009

Museum day

The weather was really bad today, so we spent our time in the Ephesus museum. Kelly said I needed to stop taking pictures and listen to the talk. She said I could take some more pictures later in the week, so I put it away, but I did get these pictures first! The first picture is an idea of how the "Socrates Room" might have looked. The second picture is Kelly being silly with a statue. The last two pictures are a carving in ivory from the 2nd century after Christ. It was a decoration on top of a couch... pretty nice! The guy on the left of the horse is Trajan. Trajan was an emperor during the early Christian time. He didn't really like the Christians (he followed Roman gods), but he didn't think it was a good idea for people to go "hunting" (or looking for) Christians. In this carving, he's winning a battle in the East and gaining more land for the empire.

Today is a lecture day and then ancient Ephesus. See you later!

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