Monday, March 9, 2009


This was the last stop of the day... thank goodness. We are so tired by now.

The first picture is of me with a city map. If the picture had moved left, you would see the harbor where the book of Acts talks about how Paul leaves for Rome. In the background is a part of the Agora - it's fancy name for a place where people gather to do lots of things. It's kind of like a shopping mall, but they did more than shop there. They also talked politics and did different types of work. We'll see another agora later in the week.

The next picture of the Aegean Sea on our way to Miletus. It was real pretty. We were able to see the island of Samos. It didn't show up in my pictures. I was a little sad about that.

The 3rd picture is of the theater. There were some really neat carvings in the seats. Each carving said who owned the seats - it's kind of like having season tickets to a football or baseball game. This theater was really, really tall. The steps were so big I had to take a piggy back ride from Kelly.

The last picture is another picture of the agora. Ahhh... now it's time for bed. Kelly let me stay up a little later to get this done, but we have a long day tomorrow. See you then!


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